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​We need to start using our voice, the voice

of Hip-Hop, the child of Civil Rights to push mass incarceration reform, police brutality concerns, economic equity, equal educational opportunities, ​and social

justice just to name a few.

Ronald Savage


Son of the

Hip Hop Movement.

In 1990 while working with the rap / pop group SNAP he carved the term Six elements of the

Hip Hop Movement and teamed up with his long time friend Busy Bee to Co- Own the

Hip Hop Movement  

The Movement

Spreading Cultural Awareness Through Music

Chief Rocker Busy Bee

Consciousness Awareness

Civil Rights Awareness

Activism Awareness

We couldn’t reproduce Frederick Douglas but we had KRS 1. We didn’t try to imitate MLK but we had Chuck D. We remembered Harriet Tubman when we looked at Lauryn Hill. We didn’t need the Queen of Sheba, we had our own Queen...Latifah.

The Six Elements Of The Hip Hop Movement

Hip Hop Started In The Bronx, New York

New York State

Hip Hop Movement

Promoting public awareness of Consciousness, civil rights, activism, justice, political, community awareness in music.

The voice of hip hop is bigger then the

civil rights movement of yesterday