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Ronald " Bee-Stinger' Savage - Son of The Hip Hop Movement

Ronald "Bee-Stinger" Savage is a former member of the Zulu Nation which is the first family of hip-hop. In 1979 Ron paled around with DJ Jazzy Jay who was Afrika Bambaataa's DJ in the beginning days of hip hop. Bee-Stinger was one of Jazzy's crate boy's who carried Jazzy's records. in the 80's Bee-Stinger began working for Jazzy Jay who started one of the early day record labels "Strong City Records" and became a go-getter in the music industry getting Strong City Records played in clubs and on rap radio (records like Masters of Ceremony (Grand Puba first rap group),  Chief Rocker M.C Busy Bee - hit record suicide).

In 1990 while working with the rap group Snap who's hit record "I Got The Power" inspired me along with hearing Public Enemy to sit down and look at my life and say I want to fight for my community and at the time felt that hip hop has changed into a movement and sat down and carved the term Six elements of the Hip Hop Movement. The Official Six Elements Of The Hip Hop Movement: Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness and Community Awareness. This is how and what made me get into politics. I felt the need to make hip hop more than just hip hop, it's cool to know hip hop but at the same time you have to know government to fight the power. In 2008, I was elected to the New York State Democratic Committee with the help of former NYS Assemblyman Peter M Rivera and over time was honored by the Bronx, New York's NAACP with an award for recognition of my devotion and commitment in uplifting youth in the community. Ronald Savage is the owner of the respected Hip Hop Movement brand " Hip Hop Movement.

How The Six Elements Were Formed